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Okay ladies, listen up! Men love it when you talk dirty to them. It makes them feel wanted and if you know anything about men, they need to feel like they are wanted.


Are you feeling a bit uncomfortable reading this or at the thought of sending those naughty little messages? However, when you talk dirty to your man via text message, it can make it far easier than face to face. Once you get started and you start to see how much he is loving it you will be surprised at how quickly you get into the groove and enjoy playing with him in this way. Basically, the more you do it, the easier it will become. Continue reading to learn some helpful tips you can use right now as you make your man feel wanted, horny and eager to see you.

Pay attention to what really seems to turn him on in particular when the two of you are together. Once you have some sexting ammo, start to use it to your advantage to send his pulse racing as he reads your messages. The more personal you can make your dirty talk, the more it will affect your man and keep him on his toes waiting for the next text from you. For instance, if he really likes role play and you know he likes nurses, text him about you being a naughty nurse that can make his sexual fantasies come true. Next, find the appropriate times to text your man with your dirty talk.

The last thing he will want is to get wood in the middle of an important meeting! Start Off Slow. One way to start is by being a bit more subtle at first and then gradually turning up the heat with your naughtiness. This is usually preferred by women who are not so used to sexting. If you are more confident or if you have some experience with dirty talk then you can surprise him out of the blue with a slutty message.

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One great way to be more seductive speaks more softly to strategically use pauses at specific times while you are talking. Then sending the second or third part of the message a minute or so after the first one.

This can help to create some curiosity and intrigue as he eagerly waits for your next message, wondering what you are going to say. When you are ready and you feel the time is right, start to use those really dirty words to drive him wild.

As you can see, by taking time to talk dirty to your man through text messaging, you can really help to improve your relationship. Make sure that your dirty talk is something you know he will appreciate. You will open up many doors when you talk dirty to your man and sexual adventures abound can soon follow, which can really spice up your relationship and bring the two of you closer together. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, talking dirty to a man makes them feel good as they feel like you really want them. They will then, in turn, be keen to show you how much they appreciate and want you too.

This helps to strengthen the connection in your relationship and build a strong bond between the two of you.

RealTime Speaking: YOU Are the Message! (Unabridged)

The frustration of waiting for a guy to call us day after day, but that day never comes. But what did we do wrong?! As strange as this behavior can seem, there can be a number of reasons why a guy may not call you after the first date. When you are faced with such a situation, it is normal to wonder if you should call him, send him a text, wait it out or simply not worry about it anymore and just simply move on.

If you feel as though you hit it off on your date and you exchange information, but he does not call, there could be something else that is going on. Men will sometimes have a difficult time when sharing the hard truth about their feelings with women they just met. If you invite him to be honest by asking right out if he is interested, you could save yourself a lot of time and energy. If a guy really likes you, but deep down all he wants is a casual encounter, he may sense that you are not that kind of woman and simply move on.

This could be that the timing is off, he has respect for you, and what he is thinking by not calling you back is his way of saying it indirectly. In this situation, leave it alone as he could be doing you a big favor by not calling. He could have been interested at first, but maybe something happened where he changed his mind and switched off without you realizing it. Of course, this can happen to anyone. Not everyone is going to be attracted to you, just as you are not attracted to every guy you meet.

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So getting a little perspective on the situation can really help to soften the blow. You need to take a step back and relax a bit, because if he wants to call, he will. There are some guys who are just poor with communication and going back to the honesty, they will have issues when telling you that he is no longer interested.

Could he have lost your number? Maybe he forgot to call?

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The bottom line with each scenario is that if there is a will, there is a way. While some guys like to have a woman who is assertive, some are going to be turned off by a girl calling or texting right away after the first date. Keep your options open at a time like this and meet someone new.

If he really is into you, then he would typically contact you within about three days of your initial meeting. They suggest that it is okay to text on the way home after the first date but definitely not call. They also suggest how long you should wait for a call from the guy and how to handle the first 24hrs after your encounter.

There has been a great deal of research that is done every year regarding what people will find attractive in the opposite sex. If you are a woman, it is going to be a good idea to dive a bit deeper into some of the top qualities that men will find attractive. Yes, of course, primarily most men will be attracted to the physical appearance of a woman. However, there is so much more that makes a woman attractive to a guy, and there are various traits that guys are subconsciously drawn to that creates the feeling of attraction in them. The good news is that many of these traits and qualities have little to do with your physical appearance.

That means that over time you can start to incorporate these traits into who you are as a person and begin to manifest a more attractive presence to guys. These are some of the different qualities that a guy is longing for in a long-term relationship and a partner. While this may seem like a basic characteristic to some, it can be one of the most important in the eyes of men. The wonderful thing about kindness is that it does not cost a single thing.

Even small acts of kindness like letting the other party order first out to dinner, showing consideration to others, showing up on time, and meeting for a quick visit and bringing a snack to share can go a long way. Guys like this in a woman because it shows them that potentially you may be a good mother to their kids if the two of you were actually to have any together. Being Assertive. Take being cool and throw it right out the window. Simply showing interest and being assertive by making the first move can be very attractive.

If you are new to being assertive, try positive body language.

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