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Accept nothing at face value.

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Number of Pages: Age Range: Review: Left alone in a violent world after being raised in a peace-loving community, Roan must sink or swim by forcing himself to adapt to his new life. That the spirit you shared be borne witness We stay behind.

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Together they make their way to Oasis, and then to another village to rescue some children caught up in a chaotic, self-serving society. Still, no matter what environment he finds himself in, he meets whatever challenges he faces with a remarkably level head and a strong grasp on his core values. I hope he is able to protect the children as he intends and start another Longlight-esque society. Like King Zheng, when they took control, they acted without hesitation.

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Thought breeds dissent. Eliminate the thinkers and you control the population.

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So they closed the schools, burned books, and executed anyone who had knowledge that was not in their service. And we turned away from it. You cannot get peace from war. Remember, Roan, remember.

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  • He shouts into the darkness. Ask many questions. Accept nothing at face value.

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    I even tried reading near the end to see if that would get me interested. A lot of it seemed forced.

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    It just wasn't the book for me. Dennis Foon is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, director, and author. His books for young people include Double or Nothing and Skud. The Dirt Eaters. Dennis Foon.